Saturday, 30 April 2011

Song of The Day #30 - Kid CuDi - 'Up, Up and Away'

Bloody rappers and their bloody smoking.

I have hammered this song this year. Absolutely hammered it. For that reason, it's only fair that it rounds off this incredible month in which I have posted on this blog for THIRTY CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Quite an achievement for a lazy little oik like me. It's really made me fall back in love with this little dark corner of the internet of mine. I intend to post a fair bit next month too - no, not every day - so keep reading and all that. I've appreciated the feedback I've got from people, keep it coming bitches.

Kid CuDi - 'Up, Up & Away'

Feelin' like I'm Peter Pan.

This is a bit like 'Love Story' in the sense that it's very difficult not to get caught up in it. The song is a complete rush of positivity from start to finish. Balls out to tha haters. That's the basic message of this shit right here. For me, it's one of about four highlights of a Cudi's debut which was, let's be honest, far too long and very patchy.

I've got a friend who really likes Cudi simply because he has a "cool voice" and that's a good point. He's certainly not the best lyricist about but his voice is just dope sounding isn't it? See also Raekwon and Rick Ross. Guys could rhyme the manual to my washing machine and I'd be stood there grinning like an idiot digging the death out of it.

Short post because I'm painting the town red tonight and need to get out there. By that I don't mean I'm going out clubbing or anything, I actually mean I've got a new decorating job and my boss has told me tonight that are first job is to go out and painthe whole of the town with red paint. What are the chances of that?

I'll be up up and away
up up and away
cuz they gon' judge me anyway so whatever
I'll be up up and away
up up and away
cuz in the end they'll judge me anyway so whatever

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