Sunday, 10 April 2011

Song of The Day #10 - The National - 'Think You Can Wait'

Not on at any cinemas near me, in case you were wondering. They're still showing 'The King's Speech'.

FINALLY he posts a new song! I thought it was the best idea. Y'know. Try and keep my little corner of the internet current and relevant instead of just going on and on and on about songs that have been out for decades every day. So, this song from The National is featured on the soundtrack of the above film and it's really great too. As is the way of this band, it's a real sad slow burner that probably doesn't sound too hot on a sunny day in the park but when things are generally a bit grey, inside and out, there's no one who does music like this better.

TOP TIP: Best enjoyed when you're walking home pissed looking at streetlights and trying to attribute some sort of misguided poetic meaning to them.

The National - 'Think You Can Wait'

I'll pull the devil down with me one way or another.

Sharon Von Etten adds guest vocals to the track and they really blend beautifully with Berninger's down at heel and matter of vocal rumble. I'll be damned if she doesn't sound exactly like Lisa Hannigan who use to sing with Damien Rice a few years back. Anyone remember her? No? Thought not, still they sound identical is what I'm saying. Video above is taken from YouTube and is spliced with scenes from 'Win Win' which is out now. Naturally the YouTube comments listed for this video are interesting. There's about a hundred people moaning about how audio from the film is dubbed over the band in this clip. I guess they've got a point but as we all know people on YouTube comments lists are usually one or more of about seven things: moaning bitches who'll whinge about anything, thick as shit, racist, 12 years old, thick as shit, something about Bieber or thick as shit.

The main reason I've included this song today is the same as it is every day with these posts - 'Think You Can Wait' (like the past nine entries) is a special special song I cannot listen to once. It starts, I get lost, I press repeat. That's a magical thing.

We've been running a sleepless run
Been away from the baby way too long
We've been holding a good night gone
We've been losing our exits one by one

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