Sunday, 17 April 2011

Song of The Day #17 - Jay-Z - 'U Don't Know Remix (Ft. M.O.P)'

Al Capone swag.

Main thing I love about hip-hop: now and then it throws up songs that can only be described as ridiculous. There's something about a boundless beat versus one guy going crazy and snapping on it for all he's worth which you just don't get in other genres of music. This song right here showcases three individuals/groups at the very top of their game and the result leaves you bouncing, breathless and usually stretching for the repeat button. TOP TIP: Best listened to in the safety of your home so you can wild out and not worry about what "the world" thinks of you. Definitely not studying music or anything lame like that.

Jay-Z - 'U Don't Know Remix (Ft. M.O.P)'

You dudes is noodles, I gots more ziti to bake

The reason this song works so well and bumps so hard is quite simple: everyone on it is playing to their (considerable) strengths. Just Blaze is the king of chopping samples to his own end and that hyped up horns and hard as concrete snare sound he's copyrighted is just such a heady concoction when it's working right. Jay-Z is a jack of many trades and that's why he's the best but I've always thought that his A game is when he's on those spit-in-yer-face braggadacio verses like he lays down here. MOP are just damn good thugs, that's all. This remix needed some thugged out verses, Jay was only ever going to ask one group. Quite simple when you look at it like that isn't it. For once, a rap song with big name features really is worth more than the sum of it parts.

The original version of 'U Don't Know' is wicked too but you all know that right? It also benefits from not being taken from 'The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse' like today's song. That album, of course, was total SHIT.

Razorblades under the tongue,
I will eat ya face.
Appetite for destruction, I aint gon starve anyday
Got a money hungry lawyer that'll eat the case
And thats just food for thought,
Don't let it go to waste
Nigga, bite the bullet until you stuffin ya face
I done forgot more than you ever learned
What you dont know will make your home a permanent urn, nicca.

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