Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Song of The Day #27 - Antony and The Johnsons - 'I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy'

So easy to get lost in that maze.

This song features the most pregnant pause I have ever heard on record. I just counted it as it happens - it's 18 seconds long. Think about that. EIGHTEEN seconds. It's not ages but still, it's long enough for you to actually carry out some small tasks. In eighteen seconds I think I could kill a decent size animal (A possum. Maybe even a badger if I had a mallet), make a slapdash sandwich and judging on previous attempts, probably have sexual intercourse too. Wait the silence out though. Please do that because after the pause, there's this little piano chord that lets out no more than a breath and trust me when I say it breaks my heart each and every time.

Antony & The Johnsons - 'I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy'

All my life I've been so blue.

Can I just say now that I only ever embed videos from YouTube that have been uploaded by others. That's kinda bad, I know I should always citate users and stuff. In this particular case, I willl, I'd like to shoutout 'Timmybear', the uploader of this video, mainly because it's a bit weird. You can probably tell if you watch but his description of this video is "A slideshow of dead boys, set to a lovely song." The dead boys featured are people like Kurt Cobain, Chet Baker and Freddie Mercury. I can't be the only one a bit creeped out by this. These people were grown men, not boys. Also, this song is definitely very emotional and very haunting even but "lovely"? It can't be lovely. Kids that give up their time to help the elderly are "lovely". A nice meal with good company could be "lovely". Two old codgers still holding hands, maybe a bit lovely See what I'm getting at here?! This ain't lovely.

I'm really rambling today so as always, I'd really prefer it if you listened to the song instead of reading my rubbish. These songs are all picked for a reason and this one is yet another that I found just unforgettable after hearing it once. The piano is sparse but essential and Antony Hegarty's voice is nothing if not full bodied, upfront and put simply, downright staggering. Just listen to how he soars when he hits the lines about writing letters to Australia and throwing bottles out to sea only to then come immediately right back into his shell to simply ask "Are you a boy or a girl?" Confused, feverishly emotive, absolutely beautiful.

Either that or it's "lovely", one of the two.

I fell in love with you
Now you're my one and only
All my life I've been so blue
Bu in that moment you fulfilled me
Now I tell all my friends
I fell in love with a dead boy

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