Friday, 22 April 2011

Song of The Day #22 - The Late Cord - 'My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People'

Micah P Hinson. Voice like a shipwreck, face like a 13 year old.

I'm hungover worse than a million suns. I don't even know what that means. It doesn't even make sense. All I know is that I spent the hours of 2-6pm led on my bed staring at the ceiling. I had my phone and my laptop with me and both were completely out of battery. They like me were doing nothing. Just laying there empty of life and flat.

Hangover music is an interesting concept. What do we all prefer? It's definitely the only time I DO NOT wanna hear some new jack rapper banging on about bitches and swag so for me, the beats are always out. I, like you, usually revert to cliche and play quiet contemplative stuff. Songs that don't get in the way, songs that sound sympathetic to your plight and the tatters that resemble your life when you wake up from one of *those* nights.

The Late Cord - 'My Most Meaningful Relationships are With Dead People'

Is it too far gone to be saved?

Perhaps I'm asking a lot for people to listen to this song. It's seven minutes long and it's very slow. Safe to say it certainly does not go too well with a sunny bank holiday nor will it any way accompany a Royal Wedding in a jovial jingoistic manner. I only listened to this song earlier because it came on shuffle. Before that play, I perhaps hadn't heard it for five years. I had definitely forgotten what a stunning piece of music this is.

At 3pm, I couldn't even listen to this. It cut too close to the bone when I was feeling very uncertain of myself and all I know as I led on that deathbed shaking and wondering if I'd ever feel normal again. As the hangover started to lift though, I give it another listen and my oh my, it's just beautiful. The Late Cord are/were singer songwriter Micah P. Hinson and John Mark Lapham from The Earlies. Micah is the guy with that unmistakable baritone and Lapham does most of the rest I assume. As always, just give this a listen. Good luck in trying to ignore the lump in your throat.

Also, this is an amazing song to listen to if you live in a shared house of any sort. Simply because it gives you the best answer ever to the question "Ay yo. What's that song called you're listening to in there?" "Oh, it's called 'My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People'". If, however, your most meaningful relationships actually are with dead people then maybe you should seek some help and close the coffin lid.

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