Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Someone Buy This and Make Me Sad.

Individually signed letter FFS.

It's one week until the best band on the planet release their much anticipated (by me at least) new album 'I Am Very Far'. Pictured above is the quite frankly ridiculous special edition of the album and its contents. As you can see, you pretty much get everything you could ever want aside from maybe a bottle opener and a lifetime of contentment but even so, it's a real special edition. Kudos for not taking the normal route when it comes to these sorts of things and releasing an album that has one extra track of the artist farting and 'limited edition' packaging which usually means "We've made it an odd size so it won't fit in your CD rack."

I've got some sad news about the above package though dear reader and it concerns the hundreds of thousands of UK based Okkervil River fans like myself. This thing is $75.00 which is just entirely too expensive for a record, yet, if you think about it for a long enough like I did, you really can start to justify the expense. "It could be worse. I could've wasted the $75.oo on drugs that could lead me to a irreversible downward spiral," things like that. So, picture me with this thang in my online basket merrily typing in my card details and clicking that dangerous 'Proceed' button. I'm smiling, I'm chillin', I'm doin' what I do. Next screen comes up. $46.00 for delivery! MAN had I not thought about that! Now, $120.00 for a record is too much even for me. I'd like to say it's all completely out of order and what a rip off etc. but the thing comes in a wooden box! Weight wise, it'd be like sending a raccoon in an appropriately sized casked from the US to the UK a.k.a. "not cheap."

So I got a bit upset and all and then ordered the normal edition from Amazon. They probably won't even deliver it on time for release date so that got me double dip depressed. All the while I have to think about some little dork somewhere opening his special edition and being all happy about it whilst the throws the copious amounts of content around like he's in goddamn 'Duck Tails'. Life ain't fair and nor is postage and packing.

BUY 'I AM VERY FAR' HERE. or the shit normal edition from Amazon for a horrifically cheap £7.59.

P.S I'm not promising I definitely won't buy this btw. I'm already thinking about it with another browser tab open that displays my pitiful bank balance.

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