Saturday, 16 April 2011

Song of The Day #16 - The Replacements - 'Unsatisfied'

No danger posed in sitting on the train track around here -trains are never running ffs.

I'm having serious computer issues over here dear readers. This virus I probably wrote about on here last month is back and it's worse than ever - a bit like that new Scream film then I suppose. It's hidden every file on my computer and as I type it is probably emptying my bank account of all £14.76 that I have left in there. I'll say it now - if you write viruses for a living and you're sending them to anyone but nasty bastard companies that steal from orphans or whatever then you should be shot. Look, I'm just a super cool brother tryin' to go about my daily business whilst still writing a very successful popular culture blog (that's this site, by the way), what have I done to deserve this error message polluted hell? Riddle me that nerdlingers.

The Replacements - 'Unsatisfied'

Everything you dream of is right in front of you.

I'm starting to get down to serious songs now. It's mainly because most of these posts are rushed last minute jobs (You would never guess right? RIGHT?) so I have to think of songs up on the spot. The songs that come most readily to my mind are the ones that are ingrained in me from literally thousands of plays. This is one of those songs.

As they did to many other people, The Replacements meant an awful lot to me during my late teens. I heard 'Tim' first and I can remember feeling almost relieved to have found a record like that. The fact that it was performed by these messy guys who just didn't give a shit about anything just probably helped too. I suppose people see aspects of themselves in the songs and albums of their favourite bands and back then these were the kind of dudes I would've liked to associate myself with.

What really appeals to me about the band, both then and still now, is how sometimes they'd really dumbfound you with a song that you just did not see coming. Take a listen to 'Here Comes a Regular' or 'Skyway' or 'Sadly Beautiful'. These are just beautifully simple quiet sad songs that you'd never expect in a million years from a band who released a song called 'Garys Got a Boner'. The choice here, 'Unsatisfied', showcases this incredible bands talents really well. I use to absolutely adore this song when I was 17. I still do.

Look me in the eye
And tell me that I'm satisfied

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