Friday, 5 August 2011

And I Heard 'Em Say/Nothing Ever Promised Tomorrow Today

Let's see if you geniuses can work this one out.

I will report back with my findings, of course. C'mon Ye. Bring out Jay or Beyonce or Chris Rock or Biggie.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Young Jurassic - Everyone's a Rapper

The cover art of my first EP. Young Jurassic - 'Everyone's a Rapper'

Before I post my killer rap lyrics, I'd like to get a few disclaimers out there.

1. If my rap sounds like someone else, that's definitely intended. I've never claimed to be original.
2. If anyone reading has a cool voice and wants to record the song under my name, make millions and split the money two ways then I'm down.
3. Don't give me shit about my rap name. Shit's old. I'm talking jurassic fossilised hustle man.

Everyone's a Rapper


Rarer than a rapper that aint ever seen scarface

Hittin harder than paralysis with no damn neckbrace

Me Ringo you Paul someone called us fuckin’ drum and bass.

I'm sweet, I'm painfu,l hang yo’self wit’ a strawberry lace


Everyone's a rapper goin' harder than the next

And everyone's a rapper chattin' money, cash, cheques

But nobody big enough to say they got a small dick

Now, errbody wanna come follow the jurassic click


People be talking shit wasting nothing but the time

I just twist it up gin and tonic slice of lime

If you see me going crazy just say 'oh its prolly all for the rhyme'

Look at me man, just too white for a life-a crime


Everyone's a rapper stacking stupid big weight

And everyone's a rapper tryna love mad hate

But nobody big enough to say they live with their mom

Now, err'body run when jurassic drop a bomb


Jurassic, Jurassic, how old are you

Check your textbook son dinosaur how we do

Jurassic, Jurassic, you the leanest thing around

Tell me 'bout it man I gots the fat girls droppin' pounds


Everyone's a rapper with the same old music vid

And everyone's a rapper comin' from the broke little street kid

But nobody big enough to say they used to play Perfect Dark

Now errbody wanna come 'round to see Jurassic's Park.

So, that's my rap song. Go hard or go home bitches.

Where You Been

The title of that album I've posted there poses a good and valid question. Where exactly? Well, below are a few possible explanations for my latest bout of procrastination. My God, I swear it's getting worse.

1. Reddit rage comics. These bitches have me laughing approximately five times a day without fail.
2. Breaking Bad is back like it left sum'in.
3. Jay & 'Ye released a stupidly sick song. 'Otis' is everything I want from 'Watch The Throne'. Immeasurable swagger.
4. The world lost it's shit over a phone hacking scandal and the UK lost it's biggest selling toilet roll.
5. I had to go to work and shit.

Creatively though, I haven't completely seized up. I've done some paintings you'll be pleased to hear. More importantly though, I WROTE A RAP SONG. Yeah, you heard me. I was aimlessly not paying attention to the road on the way home the other day and a few lines popped into my head. Before long, I thought 'well blow me. I'm a rapping driver now!' So I raced home (for all you reading policemen - at the speed limit ;)) and scribbled my fire down.

In fact, I think this deserves it's own post....