Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Song of The Day #12 - Jamie xx - 'Rolling In The Deep (REMIX) ft. Childish Gambino'

Totally like an inverse ballot card.

First things first, The cool kids are gonna love this. 1. It's by Jamie xx (of, DUH, the xx) 2. It's a really good pop song (uncool) remixed (cool) 3. It's got Childish Gambino on it. You know what though? It's more than the sum of its parts this. Simple really because it's very well put together and Adele's single was fantastic and Gambino is killing everything he touches these days so yeah, shoot me, I guess I'm a cool kid too.

Jamie xx - 'Rolling In The Deep (REMIX) ft. Childish Gambino'

There's a fire starting in my heart.

Adele is really owning at the moment isn't she? It's almost unbelievable how many records she's sold both here and 'across the pond' as tossers say. I look at her success this way - Amy Winehouse had it for a while before she started resembling a goblin more and more each day. She then passed the (by then) cracky and soiled baton to Duffy who fully capitalised on this backwards looking pop that has heard a motown/soul record or two thing. Duffy couldn't keep it up for too long either. Maybe too much diet coke. So ultimately the baton, which by now had a face that looked like a Welsh duck, was passed to Adele and that's where we at right now. I can't think who's next. Probably Bieber with a wig on.

This remix is fantastic though and I'm not at all surprised by that - all three artists involved are just damn good at what they do. Extra kudos to Jamie xx for remixing a tonne of songs recently and doing them properly - i.e. he's actually adding (or can be taking away to similarly good impact) to songs with his chops and changes. Essentially, if you're not going to add to something by dabbling about with it, just leave it alone man. DJs that do those commercial dance remixes of songs from the 80s/early 90s PLEASE TAKE NOTE IN PERMANENT MARKER. I'm talking to you Ian Van Dahl etc.

Come back to me like hipsters to blogspot.

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