Saturday, 9 April 2011

Song of The Day #9 - Sin Fang Bous - 'Lies'

So serious about indie rock.

Until about three minutes ago, I didn't know what this guy from this band looked like. I've got his record and I've listened to it an awful lot of times but still, I've never google image searched him or read any reviews that have featured a picture so yeah, now I know he looks like that. I'm not exactly shocked. I mean, I didn't exactly think he was going to look like a member of Scooter or a bouncer. Still, thanks for making 'Clangour' generic Scandinavian indie man, I've listened to it a tonne and I love it.

Sin Fang Bous - 'Lies'

She's the sun when I'm the rain.

It sounds bad to say but I only really dig this Sin Fang Bous record for one reason - in places it sounds a lot like 'Lovers' by The Sleepy Jackson and that album was amazing. Essentially, I've been trying to find 'Lovers II' since I first heard it. No, don't tell me to listen to the second Sleepy Jackson album - it was a mess. Anyway, this song particularly could really slot into the middle section of 'Lovers' perfectly. That's my overriding though but I also think it sounds how Animal Collective should sound if they stopped pissing about.

Essentially, it's all about the drums here. Drumming, and good examples of it, have become a bit of a feature on this blog over the past year. I still know nothing about the discipline but I'm certainly learning how to appreciate the old skins and spot great examples when I come across them. 'Lies' builds and builds upon a central drum beat that adds a fantastic energy and urgency to the record. Let it sweep you away.

I wanted to sleep but when I closed my eyes
I wanted to write something true
I wanted to sleep but when I closed my eyes
Saw something real but only came up with
Lies, lies, lies, lies

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