Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Song of The Day #6 - Ciara - 'Oh'

Ciara, after going to the gym presumably.

Before you say it, yes, I do listen to current music too. Please try and remember that there are a lot of days in the month of April (30 if you must know) so I'm trying to keep the latest next level shit for later in the month when both my and your interest in this ridiculous 'Song of The Day' proposition is seriously on the wane rooney. Why have I chosen this song? This song quite simply does the classic chart R&B turn of smooth female verse/guest male rapper spot better than any other I can recall. That's why.
Ciara - 'Oh'

Turn it up and make the speakers bleed.

Released in 2005, 'Oh' is a song I've returned to time and time again since. It sees three artists at the top of their respective games who, if we're being brutally honest, only went one way after this single. Just at different speeds. Ciara, whilst never a one hit wonder ('Goodies', '2 Step') never topped this song. Ludacris, back then, was the best rent-a-verse commercial rapper in the game. Finally, producers Dre & Vidal make this song with that smooth southern beat that they never got anywhere near matching at any other point in their career(s). Everything in its right place. I still find it utterly exhilarating when Ludacris' self-shoutouts give way to that first line of his "Southerrrn styyyle, get willlddd, old skkool comin' downnn in a differrrunnt colour whip whip whip." and I'm quite positive I always will.

They got that southern cookin'
They got them fellas lookin'
Thinkin' I was easy I can see it
That's when I say no, what fo'?

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