Thursday, 14 April 2011

Song of The Day #14 - Brother Ali - 'The Preacher'

Kiss me beautiful.

Yeah Brother Ali is a big white guy. Yes, he's muslim. Oh and he's albino too. Let's get all that stuff outta the way first. I find it really boring to talk on all that when the guy makes tracks like he does. When he's on top of his game like he is here on 'The Preacher' he's, put simply, a fire exporter. Infectious and furious, songs like these are made to be adored on first listen.

Brother Ali - 'The Preacher'

Hit me hard now.

II've been throwing in a few TOP TIPS to these posts recently. For this song I'll just say listen to it loud. Get those horns blasting out of your speakers whether you're in beaten up hatchback, your parents house or your own palace - it doesn't really matter. Blast this to the point of distortion. This is going to have to be a bit of a short post today because I'm off on a little city break for the night. If anyone sees me when I'm out and about, be sure to say hello and buy me a drink. I'm about 10 inches tall, mainly green and furry. I'll also roar at you and rip yo ass to shreds with my sharp teeth and hands that are, if I'm honest, a little pathetic and stunted. Peace.

If you know me, you know I
Love my family love my God
Before I knew either I loved my art
So I'm married to the pen till death do us part

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