Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Song of The Day #13 - Arctic Monkeys - 'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair'

Foolishly googled 'white monkey' as I thought it would find a picture of an arctic monkey. Apparently, they don't have monkeys in Antarctica.

ANOTHER new song. God DAMN I'm getting relevant again and all down wit da yoot and the internet. I almost feel sixteen again - where the britpop and 'Grand Theft Auto' at? This fantastically titled song is due to be the first official single from the not so fantastically titled fourth Arctic Monkeys album 'Suck It and See'. That album, incidentally, will also feature a song called 'Love Is a Lazerquest' which I think I may have even mentioned on here before. That's song title of the year hands down, I don't care what the song is like. Why? Well, because love is like a lazerquest isn't it? It usually involves guns, dark rooms and somewhere along the line there's usually a fat guy with a ponytail telling you your "breaking the rules" by "covering your targets up". Okay, enough about my love life already.

Arctic Monkeys - 'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair'

Play that one about looking good on the dancefloor why dontcha fellas! Huh?

I like this. Big BIG riff which despite what you may think from reading these diatribes I write on here - I do like. If I were an intolerable bore I'd say something about working with Josh Homme on that last record rubbing off on the Arctic boys but as I say, I'm not a snore. This is a proper comeback single and I'll say here, I thought exactly that when I heard 'Crying Lightning' too and the album that followed that was just tuneless I thought.

Arctic Monkeys will, as long as they exist and even if everything else goes wrong, always have one redeeming feature though. That being Alex Turner's lyrics of course. Quintessentially British, he is blessed with a turn of phrase that is often as comic as it is clever and 'Don't Sit Down.....' is no different. Here he pretty much runs through a list of things that are inadvisable. Running with scissors, breaking mirrors, going to watch that Charlie Sheen stand up show. Things like that. I really admire his courage to use popular culture references and slang that sometimes seem so small time and so insular to the places he knows well. It's something I try to steer well clear of doing when I write lest I look like a little town loser that sucks his thumb yet when Alex Turner does it, it makes his songs sound and perhaps more impressively, read, fantastically well. Welcome back lads.

Find a well known hardman and start a fight,

Wear your shell suit on bonfire night.
Fitting a circular hole with a peg that's square,
But just don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair.

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