Sunday, 24 April 2011

Song of The Day #24 - Atmosphere - 'Guarantees'

You're called Slug. You've got clown facepaint on. It's never going to end well.

Atmosphere have a really misleading name. I think they really should be in the business of making that incidental lift music than no one really listens to. They could be called 'Ambiance' which would be even worse but yeah, if you don't know of the act, they really aren't what you might think just by going on their name. We were all told not to judge books by their covers at school anyway, weren't we? It's for that precise reason that I'm very open minded when it comes to arts/culture and often find myself listening to a jazz record one minute and laughing my little socks off to an episode of 'Two and a Half Men' the next.

Atmosphere - 'Guarantees'

Death don't wait for no one.

No, Atmosphere don't make incidental lift music. They also have nothing to do with climate change. Nope, they're more into making incredibly real and gritty songs about the whole manner of shit that goes on between you being born and dying. Yeah, they're hip-hop. No, they aren't like anyone you've heard who makes that sort of music. The rapping faction of the Atmosphere duo, Slug, has made a career out of bleeding wounds and voicing insecurities over a variety of thoughtful and unique beats provided to him by his other half, Ant. 'Guarantees' isn't their best song, it could be their most simple and effective though. Vast majorities of this tune are a ultra basic guitar line away from being just Slug doing his thing acapella and I can't be the only one that finds it mesmerising.

This is a song about how hard it is to get by sometimes.I don't mean that in a big existential way either. I'm talking about the small things that grind you down on a day to day basis. Relationships, paying the rent, providing for your family. Real man shit. This is like 8 Mile with no Hollywood studio, no monumentous slices of luck and put simply, no way out.

Pull up to the bar to politic and tap the power
Ain't nobody really all that jolly at your happy hour

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