Friday, 1 April 2011

Song of The Day #1 - The Elected - Fireflies In a Steel Mill

So I was talking to the guy who writes the evening's empire earlier and he was chatting about how he was planning to post a song of the day every day this month. I've thought about doing this before but never done it because a) I'm lazy and b) everyone does it. However, said guy then commented about how I couldn't do it because I've never applied myself at any point in my miserable little life*.

So, not being a man to shy away from a challenge unless it involves any massive amounts of effort or physical exertion, I thought I'd take it on. A song a day, throughout April. Song one below. Let's go!

The Elected - 'Fireflies In a Steel Mill'

Your cheque's signed in disappearing ink...

Oh this is a good song and the album it comes from, 'Sun, Sun, Sun', is just perfect for the summer that might arrive someday soon. It's chockful of harmonies, some really great swearing (you know I love that) and to be honest, it sounds a quite a lot like The Eagles in a really cool way. Yes, that is possible.

Back to 'Fireflies In a Steel Mill' though. For me, this song is nice enough to a point and benefits from some lyrics that are actually a lot better than you might first think. However, there's a key change just after the songs title is sung where the whole thing ramps up a fair few notches and explodes. It's just fantastic, a joy to behold. Like fireflies in a steel mill.

And it was hard
When he told her

Those ideas that never get finished
Well, that's what we are

We're like the places
You just never see
You'd read about them, you know you'd love 'em

That's how you fell in love with me

*He didn't actually say that.

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