Thursday, 7 April 2011

Song of The Day #7 - Elton John - 'I Want Love'

Actually no holds barred old.

"ELTON JOHN?! Elton....John...As in that guy that would look like a proper old man (as in OAP) if you stripped him of his ridiculous wig and even more ridiculous sunglasses? mean *That* guy?" "Yeah, that Elton John." "Elton John though?! That guy who says something a bit edgy/shocking about whoever happens to be getting column inches on a certain day now and then to stay in the news - that guy?" Yeah, that guy. "And the song your posting isn't even one of those good old ones like 'Rocket Man' and shit?" Nah, it's a sort of new song.

Enough of that already. Elton John released in an album in 2002 called 'Songs From The West Coast' that no one apart from me liked. It got little press at its time of release (aside for the star turns of Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Timberlake in the videos of the accompanying singles) and I'm utterly damned if I've heard anyone mention it since but, yeah, I still listen to it all the time. The two leading singles from the record were good old piano ballads about wanting love and rueful reflections on times that have passed and I'd be lying if I was to say those aren't central themes of the majority of the record but yeah, put all your predjudices to one side, forget about that possum wig and listen to the man. He's got and always had a great great voice. TOP TIP: Just try not to picture his face as he's singing.

'I Want Love' is a beautiful song and the choice of Downey Jr as the star and subject of this video is an inspired choice. I'm all over this MOR piano shit.

Elton John - 'I Want Love'

Cheer up Robert. Everyone likes that film of yours - 'Iron Man' - despite me thinking it was SHIT.

I want love, but it's impossible
A man like me, so irresponsible

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