Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Don't Keep Raaaaaandy Waitin' on a Verse

Raaaaaandy (Aziz Ansari) is making a mixtape. He's been waitin' too long for some big names to hit him back with some verses. There's only one way to get at these big rappers who have got everything else and that's call 'em out with your own rhymes! It's like Jay vs Nas if Aziz was Jay and Nas was every rapper going.

"Oh yeah Drake. You're really ballin' with that hotmail address man."

There's more beef here than a foot and mouth funeral pyre. Bam. Yer boi spit fiahhhh.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Everyday Is Like Sunday

Listen to that? Can you hear it? It's the sound of the world deflating. Read what you want and talk to who you please but when it comes to Sunday nights, the world *is* flat.

Still this video below cheered me up. Chiddy Bang (sounds like some sort of porn move doesn't it?!) seem to be getting a fair bit of wordage around the world wide web. Most of it on the back of the 'Kids' sampling 'Opposite of Adults' (see what they've done there?) single. Now, I'm pretty sure 'Opposite of Adults' will work exactly like the song it samples, in fact, like all the MGMT singles. They're so good for about 10 plays and then you can never listen to them again. Whilst they're good and fresh though, they're so fresh, so clean.

Pretty Much Amazing is backing (and presenting the tape no less) these dudes big style and they've got a link to Chiddy Bang's debut mixtape there too. It was working the other day, it's probably Michael Jackson by now. Either way, the mixtape 'The Swelly Express' is freely available and it's all I love about hip hop. Inventive, fresh and funny at every turn. As a pushy American dad probably once said to his son at a baseball game or summin', "You go get that shit boy." Oh and put the 'Chicago' by Sufjan Stevens sampling 'All Things Go' in yer Williamsburgpitchforking pipe and smoke it scenesters! BAM!

I'm going to watch 'The Hurt Locker' because I need cheering up down here. Nothin' like an uplifting film on a Sunday night to prepare you for the exciting bone crushingly monotonous working week ahead. Last Sunday I watched 'Schindler's List' and MAN did I fly through last week! Life is good people, you go spread the word ya hear?

Monday, 8 February 2010

F.Stokes and Lazerbeak - The Death of a Handsome Bride

This is brilliant. Best hip hop album (okay it might be an EP) I've heard for an age. More importantly it's the best new hip hop album I've heard for a long time. After being severely let down by the big players in this game it's extra sweet to be this surprised by a guy crashing in from way out in left field. F.Stokes brings the rhymes, Lazerbeak the beats. Something about being better than the sum of their parts goes here.

He's from Chicago. So is Kanye. So is Lupe. He sounds a little like both of those guys in various ways, yeah. I can't really be bothered with lazy lines like that though so I'm cutting this one out short for once. If you believe in hip hop, go get this. Yeah I suppose you could get Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' instead. That's out this week here in the UK. I thought about getting it but then I remembered I'd rather sleep rough on a bed of used needles.

I've got that watch. I haven't got the tattoo or any musical ability.

Y'know what? Stokes says it best. He'll carry this thing like a hearse.