Thursday, 28 April 2011

Song of The Day #28 - Buck 65 - 'Bandits'

Buck 65. 65 bucks. Otherwise known as a weeks' wages :*(

God this is poor. I'm only just going to get this post in 'today'. It's 23:17. The sort of time when people are normally drinking or watching 'My Big Fat Gypsy Midget's Got Talent', things like that. I'm here trying to find a song about that inspires me a little. Not just a song I love, there's a thousand of them but one I come back to time and time again. I've chosen 'Bandits' for that reason. It just really interests me and I listen to it a lot. They good enough reasons for you ya little dictator? Huh?

Buck 65 - 'Bandits'

Eyes like shadows, one way ticket, Marrakech.

This is stream of consciousness writing I suppose. I don't attribute massive amounts meaning to every line Buck spits here - I think a lot of words and phrases have been chosen over others because they just fit better and I'm down with that. This song to me just sounds so poetic, in a disconnected and non linear way. Still, the more I listen to it, the more images it starts to evoke and the more sense I start to make of things. I won't relay these connotations I've created here because I don't want to ruin the song for anyone else. That is, quite possibly, one of the things I love more than anything else about music - the fact that words, lines or whole songs can mean completely different things to one person than they do to another. In fact, there's nothing worse than an artist coming out and going "Oh yeah, that hit song I wrote that you all love. That's about this girl called Sarah Sarahson I knew at school and here's a picture of her and it's not about my relationship with a dragon like you all thought nor is it about my love affair with apple pies from McDonalds and I hope you appreciate me ruining all the mystery that existed around the song."

I should probably write a little about Buck 65's sound. There's a reason I haven't by the way - he's really hard to pin down and I'm not very good at writing about music. I'll just say he'd probably be listed under the Hip-Hop section in most record stores but he can also play guitar incredibly well and his voice sounds like gravel in a cement mixer. In other words, he sounds a bit like Aesop Rock. As always, listen to the song, not to me.

silly girls and beat up boys all goin fast
lightin fires killin music blowin glass
whispered fury deepest secrets separate treasures
the eyes go pink now slap the forehead desperate measures

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