Monday, 4 April 2011

Song of The Day #4 - Eels - 'Grace Kelly Blues'

More Grace than (R) Kelly.

There's always a different reason why I pick the track that will feature on here as 'Song of the day'. Some bang (K.R.I.T yesterday), some are sweet (The Elected on Friday) and some just do something to me that I can't put my finger on and that's Eels today. See I was just scanning through my iTunes library trying to find something particularly standout and although there's some great music on there, nothing was really offering much resistance to my grubby little digit hitting that shuffle button. Then I saw 'Grace Kelly Blues'. Now I use to be an enormous Eels fan in my youth. ENORMOUS. In fact, buying 'Beautiful Freak' was a massive moment for me as it's the first proper album I can remember having on cassette. By 'proper' there, I mean I've conveniently forgotten a whole truckload of shit I got before that record. BF was the first good album I bought at the age of about 12. That's what I really mean. So alt man, just so alt.

Eels - 'Grace Kelly Blues'

The kid in the mall works that hot dog on the stick.

I mainly dig this song because it's really nice to drift away too. And there's a viola. And a marching band. And it was the first song to be released following the boldly beautiful yet strikingly bleak 'Electro Shock Blues'. I particularly dig how that grandiose funeral opening melts away for E to come in in with that voice of his. A voice which is made for cliche music writing where you basically say plenty of synonyms for words like "weathered" and "worn". To me, it's just great and sounds like an old friend that's been through some tough times and come out the other side.

But me I'm feeling pretty good as of now
I'm not so sure when I got here or how
Sun melt in the fake smile away
I think, you know, I'll be okay.

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