Thursday, 21 April 2011

Song of The Day #21 - H.O.P.E & Skeme - 'Appalled'

Skeme schemein'.

You gotta be diplomatic when you're writing blogs sometimes. Take me doing my 'Best Songs of The Year' list last year. I started making a list and whittling it down over the course of about a week. It was around this time that I realised the vast majority of these songs were on Spotify and hey! wouldn't it be nice if I could make a Spotify playlist of the list once it was completed. This did, however, mean that a couple of songs missed out on making the list because they were hard to get hold of and also definitely not on Spotify. 'Appalled' was one of these songs. This song right here was easily in my top five most played of the second half of last year and it only came out in December. That says a fair bit I think. All I know is, trying to call the winner out of the two MCs on this track is harder than trying to tyope a vblog ppoddst with your toes. Guess which words in that sentence I typed with my toes for extra impact?

H.O.P.E & Skeme - 'Appalled'

I'm two BIGs, three Pacs and four stacks.

This song sees these two go mental over a beat that is for all intended purposes, Kanye's 'So Appalled' beat. That song of Kanye's was of course a pretty big deal as it saw the biggest stars in the rap game guesting on top of a beat produced by arguably the biggest producer working today, Swizz Beatz. This tune features two pretty much unknown rookies take half of the song each and they tear shreds off of everyone who touched the Kanye version. 'Ye himself, Jay-Z, Pusha-T. Bring one, bring all. They all just got their heads knocked off. This is hip hop at its best, at its most hungriest, at its most infectious. With Spotify looking like it's going to go through some massive changes soon perhaps I won't even need to consider it but if I hear a song this good this year, it's topping my end of year charts. Whether it's easy to find or not.

We chase pay day,
Saying what you can’t say
One drink away
From being your girl’s shake weight

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