Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Song of The Day #5 - Johnny Cash - 'God's Gonna Cut You Down'

Some people you don't mess with.

I visited the Grand Canyon four years ago and it left, like it always does, quite an impression on me. It's enormous, imposing, encompassing, otherworldly. It's many things like that. Not too long after that visit I was listening to Johnny Cash and thought similair things. Cash is one of those artists that is sewn into the very fabric of America. He's someone millions can identify with for different reasons. He's huge, he's the Grand Canyon.

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

This video got a fair bit of press on its release due to the multitude of stars it features. If you haven't seen it, I mean actual stars there by the way. Rick Rubin, Jay-Z, Keith Richards. Proper heroes like. It's filmed as a stop start motion that works really well with the montage of famous faces. More than that though, the song resonates a lot louder than all these mugs you see adorning your papers and magazines on a daily basis. This song is a rumble from the earth. If anything , this song sounds like it is sung by God himself. This thing strikes fear into all wrongdoers so you all better know who you are.


  1. Quality song. Not sure that counts as a post though?

  2. Woh! quick on the draw. I was doing a test run cos dem utube bitchez had disabled embedding on de verzion ova dere.

  3. I love this song, almost as much as I love his version of the Beck song "Rowboat". Beck and Johnny Cash making a music baby is like a dream come true! (lets all forget the the former is a scientologist, boo!)

  4. There's so many great covers on the 'Unearthed' boxset purple basil. Check it out if you can. There's even a Cash/Strummer 'Redemption Song'!