Monday, 12 July 2010

Blogaday #1: Promise, Meet Dinosaur.

This bizarre image came up upon GISing the word 'promise'. Think of me as the little red guy and my blog as the thing being patted. Not entirely convinced about hairstyles all round.

I posted on this blog last night. Almost 24 hours ago exactly, in fact. Now, if you've read this blog before and looked at the average gap between posts you'd probably notice pretty quickly that it's usually quite large. I don't post anywhere near often enough and when I do, as you saw yesterday, it's always out of guilt for neglecting this minuscule amount of web-space that I inhabit on a less than part time basis.

So I made myself a promise. The worst sort of course - promises made to yourself. Mainly because if you break them, you feel terrible and you've let yourself down. Yet if you fulfill them, you don't have the added bonus that comes along with any other promise. That being that normally another person will think you're cool and wicked and trustworthy for not breaking your promise. They will label you a 'good egg' and most probably rely on you in the future more often than you'd like. Sounds harsh I know but hey, call me a cynic or call me honest, up to you.

My promise was that I'd post on my blog every day for a week by the way. I'm not really too fussed about content or length. I just have to post on this blog every day for a week. My hope is that it'll spur me on to post more in the future. Probably also will mean that my blog will get noticed and I'll get loads of money to waste as I please* whilst simultaneously becoming kinda like a big deal. So yeah, post a day. That's about it.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of festivals going on at this time of year. We've had Glastonbury, T In The Park was last weekend and now this weekend brings up Latitude. I could probably find a fair bit to watch at all of those festivals but by the same token, there is a lot of shit on, isn't there? If you've ever wondered what the collective minds of three World of Warcraft playing Doctor Who fans (who happen to own a copy of 'OK Computer') would sound like, may I introduce you to Muse.
"What's that Matt? You've wired up your X-Box to a Van de Graaff Generator in your bedroom? You're electrocuting a plastic bird of prey you made? Fascinating you little nerd."

Also, cost. I don't care too much for money really. I also only say that because I haven't got that much knowhaimsayin but festivals and tickets in general are getting expensive now. Damn they are. I was looking at getting a couple of tickets to see Florence + The Machine at Somerset house for a friends birthday. Y'know like a nice little surprise present but lo and behold the tickets were so expensive I could hear the people who run the Somerset House shows laughing on their way to the bank from here. Don't get me started on fat greasy men buying tickets to sell in bulk on eBay either. I guess some people just wanted to be scum of the earth when they grew up. They've succeeded, I'll give them that much. Never fear though reader, I have found a way round this expensive ticket dilemma. I am simply going to dress up as Florence myself and throw my own little gig in a house in Somerset. My backing will be machines of various incarnations. Probably a paint mixer, a dishwasher and one of the robots from 'Short Circuit'.

ANYWAY, this post was just to say I'll be posting every day for a week. Let's hope I don't run out of words to say. Life ain't a hoot if you're a mute.

*If you must know what I'd do with loads of money, I'd pay Matt Bellamy a tonne to live up in the bell tower of a cathedral in Notre Dame. I don't really know why, I've just got a hunch he'd like it up there.

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