Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Blogaday #2: Thinking Outside of The Box

Guarantee at least one of those videos has a half taped over wedding on it and another one holds an episode of 'One Foot in The Grave'

Yesterday's post was my 50th. That's half a century of posts to you minions. God knows how many words. Each post is unique in its own special little way. Feel free to go and read them all. Anyway, second day into blogaday (as I tweeted yesterday, this has nothing to do with Timmy Mallet *shudder*) now and I'm here again at 23:46 desperately racking this brain of mine for anything of worth. Nope, drawn another blank.

If you even vaguely know me - be that in real life or via my much cooler and funnier internet and dinosaur related yarns, you'll know I've got a problem with DVD box sets. By that I don't mean that I'm some ridiculous purist that has issues with the DVD format nor do I like DVDs but dislike them being co-ordinated and issued as a 'box set'. Oh no dear reader. My problem is quite simple - I just can't stop buying them. Below you will see a list of box sets I have bought recentlyish, my current progress reflected as an estimated percentage and my first impressions or predictions of the content contained on each beautiful box set.

Current progress: 26%
Impressions: Clever little show. Annoys me a bit how Dexter will look all perplexed now and then only to then spring to life and pluck some ridiculous theory that happens to be bang on the money out of the ether. In that sense, he's a bit like Jonathan Creek. Differences between Dexter and Jonathan Creek are plain of course. Dexter isn't English, a Virgin, a member of The National Trust nor does he have a haircut not seen on anyone for approximately 25 years. What? Who's Carles Puyol?

The Wire
Current progress: 100%
Impressions: Just ridiculously good. Clever, cool and funny yet at times also really heartfelt. It is the perfect TV series. I got smashed once and watched the below scene about a hundred times convinced it was the truth, the meaning of life and all that. Fitzgerald, for once, probably isn't spinning in his grave as a popular programme discusses his work. Predictably, I just got distracted from writing this post by watching Wire clips for about half an hour.

The Sopranos

Current progress: 0.8%
Impressions: Okay, so I've underestimated that. I've just finished the first series but I'm sure there's about eleven series so I feel like I'm at the start of a long journey. I mean, didn't the last last episode air not that long ago yet on the series I just watched everything is crazy early 1990s. I like it that way. Ain't nobody wanna see Tony Soprano handing orders out via tweets on twitter or none of that stuff. I like it though. The whole idea of being a mobster yet the day-to-day business being, well, a bit mundane at times is a good one. It can't all be saying hello to my little friend and making offers people can't refuse. Also, Steve Van Zandt being in The E Street Band AND The Sopranos?! That's two good lifes he's got there. Hand one over here ya punk.

Breaking Bad

Current progress: 40%
Impressions: This is good. Yes, I sort of half wrote it off due to the Malcolm in the Middle dad situation because I'm simply ridiculous like that but damn, this is really good. If I didn't have box sets coming out of my box sets I'd really focus on this thang.

Generation Kill

Current progress: 0%
Impressions: Solely bought on The Wire association. I make no qualms about it. I have not watched a single minute of this and it remains in its wrap. I do want too. It's just this whole time thing. I think I need a considerable stint of unemployment in all honesty. Just a few years so I can watch DVDs and let's be honest, probably get really fat and turn into a social recluse that is scared of the sunlight. Yes, in other words, a 'Twilight' fan.

Mad Men
Current progress: 50%
Impressions: Don Draper also has Jonathan Creekitis where he plucks ideas out of nowhere for amazing advertising plans that have built the marketing world we know and probably hate so well today. He is a lot cooler than me generally though so I shouldn't complain too much. I haven't watched an episode of 'Mad Men' for quite a while. It's very well made and faithful to its era and all that put actually putting the disk in the tray just doesn't hold the same appeal as say 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'.

Yeah so these are all my 'in progress' box sets (I rewatch The Wire episodes now and then) and every single one is American. What's that about? There must be some good British ones out there for me to waste some time on.

No, I can't think of any either.

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