Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Blogaday #3: "Your Mind Is The Scene of The Crime"

"Dear world, Please don't dress up as me at fancy dress parties. Yours, Joker."

That title is not a Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance lyric, you'll be shocked to hear. It is in fact taken from a summary of Christopher Nolan's new film, 'Inception', which is due for release on Friday. Now, Christopher Nolan along with his brother Jonathan fairly recently directed a film called 'The Dark Knight' that not only did sort of well at the box office but was also a great and wicked and all that good stuff film. In fact, I can't remember a big budget film ever looking so good on the screen. 'The Dark Knight' was the first time I'd seen special effects that you can genuinely call breathtaking. People'll (geeks) probably tell you that Lord of The Rings had the best effects of all time and all that but did you see that scene where the hobbits were sat in those massive talking trees?! I think it was on 'Return of The King' but yeah, the whole thing looked like it was culled from a panto in Wolverhampton or something. Could Keith Chegwin do a good Frodo?

I got sidetracked there. The Nolan brothers are very very good, both together and apart. We all know. For this reason , big things are expected of 'Inception'. Oh yeah, the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio (good), Cillian Murphy (good), Michael Caine (bit annoying) and Ellen Page (not forgiven for Juno yet). I did some reading earlier to find out a little more about the plot and I'll be honest, I found it a little worrying.
"Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable."
Okay. It's going to be one of 'those films' I thought. Could be confusing but I'm a moderately intelligent guy, I'll give it a chance. I then, out of curiosity, checked out some reviews on Metacritic. I read some of the good ones first. They said things like " of the summer, movie of our dreams..." which is very clever and yes I see what they've done there and "...Nolan delivers another true original." From these reviews, everything looks in order doesn't it? Yet, you have to balance these things and read the bad ones too. These said things like

"I'd like to tell you just how bad Inception really is, but since it is barely even remotely lucid, no sane description is possible."


Inception manages to be clunky and confusing on four separate levels of reality.
FOUR LEVELS OF REALITY?! FOUR!! I can't get my head around that ffs! I struggle with one reality. I'm now really really worried that this film could end up a bit like all those Matrix films that came out after the first one. I saw all of them at the cinema and I couldn't tell you one thing that happens in any of them. All I know is that on the opening night of one of those films there were some dorks at the cinema dressed up as Neo in what was a clear case of "This felt like a better idea at home than it actually is in real life."

For reference, if anyone ever tells me I'm clunky and confusing on four separate levels of reality I'm taking myself to the top of the multistory. No doubt I'll see some kids dressed as Neo up there too.

Have a video link to remind you of how annoying 'Juno' is:

New Black Milk single works for me.

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