Saturday, 17 July 2010

Blogaday #6: When It Was Over, I Woke Up Alone.

It's hard to separate the artist from the music. I believe that this is something you have to do if you want to get the most out of not just music but art generally. Nobody can paint as well as Picasso, doesn't mean I care about all his WAGs. I'm pretty much obsessed with The Smiths, I find Morrissey and his morals a bit annoying. You see what I'm getting at. If you focus too much on the person you only end being dissapointed. That's just what happens. I mean, I haven't seen or heard of any INXS fans since Michael Hutchence died in a erm unsavoury manner.

With all this in mind, I give you The Gaslight Anthem. They constantly talk about New Jersey and Bruce Springsteen. They're covered in tattoos etc etc. I can see how all these cliches could really put you off these guys. I thought the same until I heard 'The 59 Sound' a while back and played and played and played it to death. It's in no way original and is completely indebted to young Springsteen railing against the shackles and monotony of everyday life but still, it was packed to a New Jersey mechanics rafters with tunes. Anyway, The Gaslight Anthem had a new record out last month called 'American Slang' and I've read and heard less than positive things about it but with memories of 'The 59 Sound' still fresh in mind, I'm going to give it a real go. You might want to do what I do with these guys and watch their videos with your eyes closed.

Talking of The GA and their obsession with everyone's favourite boss. Here's GA singer Brian Fallon covering a fine song of Bruce's and doing a really good job too.

"Tryin' in vain to breathe the fire we was born in..."

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