Monday, 31 August 2009

Get Arrested On Your Wedding Day*

I feel I should publish a post because what I'm currently doing is a complete and total waste of time. That being looking at various celebrity mugshots on The Smoking Gun, of course. The thing that really gets me about this activity is that I actually do it quite often. It's the same with mass murderers on wikipedia. I can imagine someone finding these things interesting when stumbling across them for the first time but I think that I've looked at both of the aforementioned in last month or something. Damn. Sorry for wasting everyone's bandwidth.

Either way, top three mugshots.

1. The Picture Below - I'm not even going to say who the guy below is. It's kinda obvious if you were once a teenage boy and liked relatively embarrassing 'sports'. Still, he was arrested for allegedly throttling another motorist after getting a bit of the old road rage. Much like the Raekwon cover I posted about the other day, the only way to sum up reacting in that manner to a road rage incident is "That's What I'm Talking About!" Guy cuts you up at a junction or something, it's annoying sure, but what can you do? You might think "Grr I'd like to throttle that irresponsible gent that just railed me like that." I mean we all think about doing things like this but this nature boy actually did it. Hats off. Sure beats a wanker sign coupled with speeding off whilst constantly checking your mirror. WOOOOO.

2. Phil Spector - The most recent shot from the murder trial. Don't even look at me like you need justification for why it's so great. LOOK AT HIS FACE UP THERE. A real life 'LOL' for me, fact fans. LOL: a little kid dropping his ice cream on the floor, people that are really bad on the golf course and Phil Spector's mugshots.

3. Mel Gibson - Not only did he invent a new insult/term of endearment when he called a female cop "Sugar tits" during this arrest but in this mugshot he looks like a cute little dinosaur. Maybe it's just me but that little curl of hair at the front, his angled downwards face, it's totally a Michael Crichton trip. Around these here parts, we love dinosaurs so that's Gibson in at number three. Apologies to Johnny Cash, Andy Dick and Paris Hilton. Close but no smoking gun guys.
*because then you'll be all dressed up and will subsequently look smart and cool in your mugshot. Good idea huh?

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