Tuesday, 31 August 2010

They Don't Make 'Em Like This No 'Mo.

Take heed Zac Efron. I think you might look like this in 30 years.

Will country music ever be cool again? The answer probably is no, I don't mind admitting. That isn't to say it doesn't have a big place in my dinosaur heart. Mainly for reasons like the above song. Doesn't it just sound so, I don't know, classic to you? I mean genuine 'classic' there too - there's no talk of Reebok here. Big old sad country songs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is also my shit. I also love how hazy and faded the glamour of this sorta era in country music (1980 if you're asking) looks now. For me, it just adds t0 the all round warmth that you can only get from songs like these and industrial amounts of bourbon.

Longer posts coming this week. I promise. Just thought I'd share my roar of the day.

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