Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some Worlds Can Just Disappear.

Always believe in your soul/You've got the power to know.

First, a confession. No, not murder or arson. Why you think so lowly of me? More that I haven't been to a concert for a while. That's all. Put simply, I'm going to less and less as I get older and I think its just because it takes a lot more to grab me now. I'm not overly happy with the situation but that pretty much applies to all aspects of getting older doesn't it? These days, a show has to be something real special for me to part with a miniscule percentage of my colossal salary and it just seems that every time I check the listings, nothing ever looks standout anymore. It's cool, I can deal with it. Even so, I've got a few things planned for the last quarter of this year and I will reflect these nights on here in the form of a review that will, let's be honest, probably be really long and consist of two absurdly lengthly paragraphs and about four photos that are so sketchy they could be, well, sketches.

I'm just waffling here because I'm trying to formulate some sort of intro for this post. Posts don't necessarily need introductions, of course. If you've got a fashion blog for example, your life is a doddle. All you do is get dressed, take a photo and then post that on your blog under the title 'What I wore today' FFS. Why do I feel I need an intro here then? Well mainly because this post is sort of (it is) about Kanye West AGAIN. I'm sorry. It is also about concerts though too. Concerts that just happen to involve Kanye West. The video below is taken from a secret Kanye show in NYC the other night and it is so much fun. I did watch it really late the other night after some drinks admittedly but I was just loving it. I was dancing around my room like nobody was watching and man was I serious about it. Groovin' and mouthin' the rhymes with a big grin on my face like I just hit the lotto for the fourth week running. I think at some point I even started repeatedly shouting "This is what shows should be like! This. Is. What. Shows. Should. Be. Like." I'm losing it, I know. Still, when's this sort of thing going to happen in my town huh? TELL ME THAT somebody. Anyway, check it out. 'Ye (with some help from John Legend) does renditions of 'Homecoming', 'Run This Town', his verses from Rick Ross's 'Live Fast, Die Young', 'American Boy' (w/ Estelle), new song 'Mama's Boyfriends' 'Power, and 'The Good Life'. Every song is so golden they should be viewed on a bullion shaped monitor.

In a parallel universe I'm in the crowd watching this. In said universe, I also have rippling biceps, astonishing intelligence and a pet wolf.

Also, quite refreshingly for this blog, something not related to Kanye. I dug out 'Winged Life' by Shearwater today for the first time in far too long. Such a beautiful record and I was quite surprised to find that the song below, 'The World in 1984', stopped me in my tracks in the same inimitable way it always used to.

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