Sunday, 5 September 2010

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

Looks like it's gonna be a great day today.

Yo it's me, your main man, your light in the dark, checking in. Just thought I'd write a bit on where it's at right now in my own inimitable and meandering way.

New Releases:

Black Milk - 'Album of the Year'

This is going to be a big one. Trust me on this. The first two singles were exactly what I wanted from the man. Exactly what he needed to push this one to the next level where he belongs. Check 'Welcome (Gotta G0)' and 'Deadly Medley' to see just where I'm coming from. Links courtesy of BM's official site and the ever excellent 2 Dope Boys. Horrid title though. Saddle Creek darlings The Good Life tried the exact same thing a while back (i.e. called their album 'Album of the Year') and I don't think anyone ever really found it half as amusing as Cursive themselves did. Bit like how no one thinks these blog posts are anywhere near as good as I think they are.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - 'Hawk'

This is very much more of the same. You all knew I was going to say that right? As ever, Campbell & Lanegan's voices contrast each other so starkly that their tales of wayfaring, wrongdoing and repenting are never anything but engaging. Lanegan is the earth, Campbell is the sky. For once, you can say that the sum is far more than the parts. Also, that song of theirs, 'Trouble', has sung me to sleep many many times. The sleep of a restless sinner, I usually wake up with a wet pillow.

Brandon Flowers - 'Flamingo'

I'm going to give this a try. I think Flowers really is a far better writer than he gets credit for. Yes, he fronts a massive stadium band that never stick to one style for more than five minutes but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's be honest, he writes enormous songs that at some point in our lives or another, we've all loved. In particular, that 'Read My Mind' tune from 'Sam's Town' I thought was really affecting. This is the second time I've mentioned emotions in this post. This is all getting too much isn't it? I'm sorry. You all know the truth about me. I'm a man, not a damn flower picking mouse that smells all pretty and enjoys talking about emotions.

Fashawn - 'Grizzly City 3'

Fashawn just dropped the third installment of the 'Grizzly City' series mixtapes and just like the other two, this is well worth getting. Link here courtesy of Nah right, like normal. Check out 'Santiago's Revenge' to see why this boy is worth talking about. Twice.

Freelance Whales - 'Weathervanes'

Yes that's a serious band name. I've gotta feeling that being a freelance whale would be really tough work incidentally. Being a whale in general is a full time job in itself. Just too much weight to drag around those vast lonely seas where you swim and swim thinking about your one and only glory day. That being when you flapped your fin that one time on Encarta 97 and the world watched you. Then you were held up with MLK, a butterfly and Bowie. Now you're freelancing.

Properly digressing there, sorry, 'Weathervanes' then. This is a beautiful little album (that you can get on spotify). Really dreamy and you can definitely tell that these guys have spent some serious time with some Sufjan Stevens records in their time. There's a fair bit of Death Cab in here too but I shouldn't really say that because I often find mentioning DCFC puts people right off. It's like that thing where you say "Wow. This [object/gone off food item] really stinks! Give it a try. G'on, smell this buddy," and then, of course, people always say "If you say it really stinks why would I smell it? Get it away from me." For this reason, I hate people.

Before I go, a little note on the Madvillian video up there. That's the Four Tet remix of 'Great Day' and that I've recently been introduced to and damn, doesn't that feel so life affirming?! I always thought the original of that song was good but that there was a little too much 'distance' between the track and the vocal if that makes any sense at all. Madvillian specialises in sounding spaced like that, I know, but I knew that rhyme had such potential. Well, actually, I knew someone could do what Four Tet has done up there with it some day. Sorta sounds like a Dntel track, doesn't it. Either way, simply awe inspiring shit.

"Couldn't find a pen, had to think of a new trick/
This one he wrote in cold blood with a toothpick."

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