Sunday, 1 August 2010

"Working on being a doper person."

Look at the pathetic size of this private plane. WHEN WILL THIS RECESSION BE OVER FOR GODS SAKE?

I linked to a Kanye video in the last post and I hate to be repetitive but I've gotta briefly write about the man again I'm afraid. Sorry to yer mutha. A lot of words are written about Mr West's ego and his self love or how he seems to believe that he's a bonafide genius in everything he does - we [the whole word minus Kanye], of course, just ain't noticed yet. So, what better arena for a man with too much to say about anything and everything than Twitter. A site that pretty much sums up the internet for me. It's instant, easily accessible from many formats and it's, by and large, a colossal waste of time. As a keen purveyor of all things to do with time wasting, I love it. I love Kanye too of course. I'll cut to the chase, Kanye signed up a Twitter account last week and he's absolutely brilliant on it. So, he tweets about how his private plane is too small (see title photo), he tweets about how he doesn't know what circa 1700 style goblet to buy and he tweets about how hard it is to sleep on fur pillows. How many more reasons do you need to follow the man?

K. West aside. It's already August and I'm not sure I've done anything of real note this year thus far. August is like the eighth month right? Give me a sec here...yeah, so that's erm...two thirds! 2/3rds of the way through this damn year already. I think it is time that we all went out and started getting it, whatever that is, in the sincerest way possible. To put us back on track, I'm eagerly awaiting some big releases before this year is out. *takes breath* Kanye, Jeezy, Arcade Fire, Grinderman, The Walkmen, Of Montreal, Antony & The Johnsons, Kid Cudi, Andre 3000 (maybe), The Cool Kids, Doom & Ghostface (!), Lupe Fiasco. There's still a tonne of stuff from this year I've been sleeping on too. I'm going to be busy erm, sat in my little room listening to loads of records for the rest of the year then.

One of the big names on that list is of course Arcade Fire. Why they aren't called The Arcade Fire, I don't know. People call them that anyway everywhere, I do know. So, I pre-ordered this album last week sometime and I really don't know why I bother., if you're reading this. Why are you so slow these days? For real, I pre-ordered Big Boi about a month before it came out and didn't get it for about a week after it was out in normal shops that plebs can go to. Isn't the whole point of pre-ordering that you get it on time on release day and you can be all smug and tell everyone you've already got whatever item waiting for you on the doormat at home? Well, I ain't doin' it again now. I was going to pre-order this Jeezy album I'm always yakking about but then I remembered that some poor souls somewhere probably pre-ordered Dre's 'Detox' about 5 years ago and are still waiting. Those rappers hey? Good when you want some beats to soundtrack ya grind, not so good at being prompt and sticking to their words on release dates. Bet Biggie use to always be late for meetings.

Slow clap for a really ungoogle friendly title Arcade Fire. Why not title your next album "Arcade Fire - Google'?

Either way, 'The Suburbs' is getting some amazing press (here and here) and I'm really excited about it in general. AF are a really special band that I've always thought have a unique talent. That is somehow, when you listen to their records, you feel that it's just you listening. That they're some little band that no one but you knows. You play their songs over and over until they sound like friends. They aren't friends though of course, they're more like little secrets. Little secrets shared between a band consisting of seven people. Little secrets shared between millions of people that buy their records. Long may that continue.


P.S UNRELATED NEWS JUST IN. I'm getting some reports through here that certain lucky users have just had their pre-ordered copies of 'Be Here Now' by Oasis delivered.


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