Friday, 19 March 2010

This Is Shit #2

Alex Chilton, once of power pop masters Big Star, died of a suspected heart attack on Wednesday. Chilton's death is a big loss and he will be remembered far and wide, not least in the music world. Mainly because most bands try in vain to sound/be half as good as Big Star were all the time. Most articles I've read about this sad passing mention the influence Big Star and Chilton had on so many artists and I'm pretty sure if I trace the roots of the majority of my favourite artists that somewhere along the way I'd meet Chilton. Thank you for the music in a entirely non ABBA related way Alex.

"I never travel far/without a little Big Star.."

Also, I'd like this disturbing trend of people I really dig dying to stop please. Can somebody get Will Sheff, Jeff Tweedy and Lady Gaga Nick Cave to a safehouse ASAP.

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