Monday, 29 March 2010

Kickin' Ass, Phantom Limbs and New Tings.

1. Who knows that feeling when you wanna go to the movies but when you look at the listings, well, there just isn't really much on. There's things you could watch, there's things you could 'not mind' and usually there's plenty of things you are convinced that you'll hate. Be that because the trailer looks poor, the poster tame or that Jennifer Aniston is in it. Case in point for all three below.

To think I typed 'Bounty Hunter' in to get this image. No foolin', I'd rather watch a 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' movie than this mess and I hate Dog and his bounty hunting.

A couple of friends and I were in a state a bit like the one described above last night when we headed to the cinema to watch 'Kick Ass'. We didn't particularly want to see it nor did we expect it to be very good but still, what else are you going to do on a Sunday night? Go to church?! Either way, 'Kick Ass' was actually really good! I know! I can barely believe it either. Yeah it was a bit like one of those JuddapatowSethRogensuperbadknockedup films but I think it was pretty well thought out and for the sort of film it is (plot revolves around everymanboy wannabe superheroes and basic teenage worries) very well written too. Apparently the woman pictured below, Jane Goldman, wrote it:

This woman is seriously married to Jonathan Ross. I don't even think she's joking.

Which is also kinda cool because I'm pretty sure last time I saw someone like that they were growing their own drugs in their attic and pretty in to incense sticks in a big way. I don't judge things by their cover though, you know that. Anyone seen that Jenny Aniston/Gerard Butler flick yet? Kinda looks like it's going to be a hoot judging from the poster and the trailer at least!

'Kick Ass' though, definitely file under 'pretty good' I'd say. 'Shutter Island' is on at the moment too. I haven't seen that. In one corner you've got a film about teens that want to be superheroes and masturbate a lot and in the other you've got a long psychological thriller about Leo DiCaprio killing his family and going mad or something. Is it presumptuous to say that if you love the former you won't love the latter and vice versa? Probably. Films really are horses for courses. One man's annoying and malnourished public schoolboy is another man's 'Twilight' superstar heartthrob after all.

2. It's taken me six years to forgive/forget this moment:

By that I don't mean Natalie Portman, Zach Braff or the film 'Garden State'. Natalie Portman has never offended me, I still think Zach Braff is an ass and I haven't seen 'Garden State' since nor do I intend to. So in that so much that scene only changed my opinion on one thing: The Shins. It's wrong, I know it's wrong. It's really shallow and you could probably find something somewhere to ruin all your favourite everything's. Maybe there's a real creepo public exhibitionist in a prison somewhere that just adores the song 'Country Feedback' by R.E.M. for example. Perhaps Nick Griffin adores stuffed mushrooms like I do. Whether you like it or not, other people's opinions of things can change your opinion of things. That's about as poetic as I can put that.

My point is: before I saw that film, I really liked The Shins. Great lyrics, fantastic melodies and I really dug the album covers too as it happens. Then one day I saw that scene and after that I just hardly listened to 'em anymore. It was kinda sad really. Zach Braff man, so much to answer for.

UP UNTIL RECENTLY THAT IS...DUM..DUM...DERRRRR You know what's coming baby! Yep. I started listening to The Shins again!

It all came about around six weeks ago when I thought I'd give 'Wincing The Night Away' a go. I saw it on Spotify and thought, well, why not? I was so pleased to find that, yes, that is an album man! Real next level shit. Could 'Phantom Limb' be better than 'So Says I'?! I woulda called that crazy talk a while back but damn, 'Phantom Limb' wasn't written by James Mercer - it was sent from a deity up above. To conclude point two, me and The Shins are back together. I just read Zach Braff's wiki page and found out he has OCD btw. I'm not even remotely surprised. Watching more than 30 seconds of 'Scrubs' qualifies you as having some sort of illness doesn't it?

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