Monday, 15 March 2010

Cover Stars

I've been so lazy on the blogging front, I am sorry. Note I haven't been lazy on the Call of Duty, sleeping or looking at people from school on Facebook to see whether they're doing better than me or not fronts. This may or may not be linked to the lack of blog activity. Pitchfork today released more details of new Hold Steady and National albums. Both of these bands prettay big deals on the slightly tired indie rock scene. The Hold Steady one, 'Heaven is Whenever', looks like a more positive (scuse the pun) 'Things We Lost In The Fire' or that Spiritualized one from a few years back. The National one, 'High Violet', is just cool. Cool like Muhammad Ali and Andre 3000 on a Concorde jet.
This will be joyous. Out May 3rd dogs.

You'll listen to this to death. Out May 10 kittens

I make that two big albums of the year out...*pulls up windows calendar....counts days*..a week apart! That's really something. It feels like we've been feeding on scraps a bit this year release wise so I say bring it on. That said, that 'new' Cash album 'Ain't No Grave' is really something. I know there's a lot of mythology around those American Recordings and it can get a little distracting but as I always say, the proof's in the listening. I don't actually ever say that. It barely makes sense but give the album a spin, you'll know what I mean. Dude sounds like the grand canyon. All epic and knowing. Understanding and tired. Big and defiant. Empty and hard. We miss ya John.

Stop jerking my tears man!

What else is new? I sort of liked that 'alternative' Haiti song (a collaborative stab at Screamin' Jay Hawkins' 'I Put a Spell on You') that came out last week. I still demand to know why Nick Cave isn't some sort of relation to me so I can just chat to him and be pals at family functions and the like. Man's the best. Look at him in this video and tell me otherwise. Other observations include Bobby Gillespie just looking so old and ill. I've never seen anyone that needs some vegetables and a bath so much. Johnny Depp being sort of annoying. We get it Johnny! You're kinda edgy and an actor and you know Tim Burton and shit. Shane McGowan, for someone who lives like he does, doesn't actually look that bad.

That thing I just said about Bobby needing the bath and vegetables more than anyone ever has. I'll concede here, Macgowan probably needs them more.

Talking of Nick Cave (oh great MMD that makes a change you never talk about him you tiresome idiot), I just finished his latest hardback 'The Death of Bunny Munro' which is, don't worry, not like Donnie Darko at all. It is kinda weird though, lots of references to Avril Lavigne's genitals. Feel free to read that sentence again if you must, I did just really say that and it is actually true.
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

I just looked up the lyrics to 'Sk8er Boi' so I could make some witty comment or another and found that the song actually seriously opens with the couplet "He was a boy/she was a girl/Can I make it anymore obvious?" Well you could actually Avril, yeah. I'm a boy, Queen Elizabeth II is a girl. So what? We gonna be makin' out and all that now? Huh?!

Avril, making things so complicated, yesterday.

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