Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Laughing Out Loud Whilst a Record Plays.

"He's behind you!" Have I ever mentioned how much I despise pantomimes? Probably not. I'd rather watch a Creed gig. With Joss Stone supporting.

I've bought one comedy CD before. It was a Mitch Hedburg one when I was at university. I never really listened to it that much in truth. I mean I listened to a few tracks on it now and then and they were really funny but I never found myself in a position where I wanted to play the whole thing right through. Those last three Neil Young albums, yeah, same with those although that's really not relevant. All that stuff aside, I pre ordered another one, Aziz Ansari's 'Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening', last week sometime and it arrived on Monday. I've been listening to it in the car because let's be honest, no one really pays any attention to the actual road, do they? For me, listening to some tunes or *gasp* some comedy in the car really makes a lot of sense. At least it saves you from getting bored and in your distraction veering off the road and (knowing your luck) hitting someone really worthy who probably does a lot more in the community and for the human race than you ever will.

'IMFASE' (ooh catchy) is really really good. Anzari is so likeable and although I'm yet to work out whether he is really really funny or not, his delivery is so great that he just has you from the off. I've driven to work four times this week I think (I say I think because every day truly is the same, it's a bit like Groundhog Day apart from this is my actual life, not a Hollywood movie with Bill Murray in it) and I've listened to this album each day whilst driving both ways so that's eight times in total, genius. Now, I'm not really sure how you're meant to listen to these things. In one sitting? Bit by bit over a long period of time like that bastard Komodo Dragon eatin' that water buffalo on 'Life' a while back? Either way, the show is still very funny when I listen to it now and with a comedy record, that says a lot. Below are five moments from this CD I cannot listen to without laughing (okay at least smiling broadly and saying "That's actually pretty funny.")

1. 'Sheets' - "296?!" Are you shitttttinn' me man?!"
2. Kanye West vs. Darwish ' - "I don't know, it's pretty messed up!"
3. 'Harrassing Harris On Facebook' - "I started poking him like crazy and sending him vampire requests - whatever the fuck that is."
4. 'Random Roommate' - "Oh, I'm a douchebag huh?!"
5. 'CVS' - "Two ain't gettin' CDs though."

Yeah truly, get this album.You can stream it from spotify if you're a nerd. Link here. Yeah yeah, I suppose you could download it too. A little word though, if you're going to download this thing, don't go talking about it a whole lot after, you just end up bumming people out. "I don't pay for my albums. rah rah rah. Why should I? mu hah hah. I just downloaded the 18th series of LOST. I probably won't even watch it! My external hard drive is nearzzzzzzz" Yeah, go do something more productive bedroom dweller. Fill some potholes in the road or something. Actually, I've heard there's some fields in various war torn areas that may or may not still be scattered with unexploded landmines. Someone's gotta run through and find out some day. Be a hero, yeah?

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