Monday, 25 January 2010

The Gagged Mouth

Disclaimer: Post not about BDSM. Sorry guys! For that kinda stuff, click here. I don't judge, I just help others see? I'm good like that. Unless you're murdering someone obviously. There are always exceptions.

That's the sound of several readers logging off right there but yo. I'm not here for long, just stopping by to trickle a couple of words out before I go and do something even less productive then writing on this blog. That being sleeping. Just laying there under some sheets for 6 hours doing absolutely nothing. Nothing aside from dreaming up weird and twisted stories that Tim Burton could only, erm, dream about writing. Hey Tim! I bet Johnny Depp would be really good in a wacky surreal version of Alice In Wonzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh don't tell me Blogspot has censored that cool photo of Jay-Z, Kanye and myself and replaced it with a black square?! Censorship man, honestly.

I finally got a copy of Wale's 'Attention Deficit' in the post the other day. I say finally because I've been waiting for a long long time for this thing. I'd not listened to a note of it aside from lead single 'Chillin'' and second single 'Pretty Girls' so its arrival was pretty exciting. Now, upon unwrapping the blighter I noticed that it had one of those white stickers across the top that are usually hard to get off (ya know the ones you always get on Sub Pop releases) that read "Wale - Attention Deficit (edit)'. I wasn't sure entirely what this meant other than, obviously, it had been edited in some way. So, I play the disc for the first time. A couple of minutes later I stop it because...


NO I do not like that. I get it, sure. Ya don't want your little kid's first words to be "Bitchass ho" cos you've been playing too much Ludacris in the car on the way to school but for me, it ruins albums. It's not because I get some cheap kick outta bad words or anything, I mean, I am fully grown. If I felt like that I'd just quit my job and swear in the mirror all day whilst giggling. It's more because these words are there for a reason a lot of the time. They fit and, yes, they really mean something that a second of silence just can't convey. Below I've posted a song that wouldn't work censored. It also gives me the chills each and every time I listen to it. It is the main reason why I believe in Wale so much. When he's good, he's really good. Review of 'Attention Deficit' to follow soon...

Wale - The Kramer

"The colour of my skin/content of my character..."

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