Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Eels - End Times

Noah ain't been the same since he moved to LA and started watching too much cable.

When Eels released that last effort 'Hombre Lobo', I contemplated giving up on them. The lead single really dissapointed me more than anything. I expected big things but when I heard that 'Fresh Blood' song all I really thought was "...dat it?!" Same kinda thing each morning when (after a night of hard praying that I get snowed in) I awake to see that there isn't feet upon feet of snow outside but instead only about five snowflakes and a few drops of pissy rain have fallen overnight and that yep, you gotta go to work homeboy. Dat It?!

To me 'Hombre Lobo' sounded like a half baked 'Souljacker' more often than not and that album wasn't exactly king milkshake. Still, in my efforts to never actually get my life together and buy good things that last and improve your life, I've again reverted to buying more CDs than all the CD factories can make (burn? Whatever.). So, yeah, I really loved Eels once so I bought 'End Times' the other day.

I'm really liking it too. Perhaps it doesn't warrant it's own blog post but I think it's the nostalgia getting to me. If you know Eels, you'll know what themes this album will cover and E still sounds like he always has but there's some lovely little songs on this record. The fun little stomp of 'Paradise Blues' has got a lot of plays in my car this week which ain't blue nor no paradise and 'In My Younger Days' is resonating a little too strongly with my impending birthday on the way like a jail on wheels. This is a well crafted record that corresponds well with some of the quieter (and best) moments of 'Blinking Lights...' and sounds a lot like a band who are comfortable with with who they are and how they sound. Those things, of course, are the only things they are comfortable with mind. Don't even mention girls, love or friends. Hell, don't even talk about leaving the damn house sometimes with these guys.

"She locked herself in the bathroom again/So I am pissing in the yard"
- Eels - 'A Line In the Dirt'

The scene of a urine incident, yesterday.

All those moons ago I pored over those 'Beautiful Freak' liner notes that read '"One day the world will be ready for you and wonder how they didn't see." Well, when it comes to this record, people have grown up, grown apart. The world did notice you know, it just didn't care a whole lot.

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