Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Walk Away Now and You're Gonna Start a War.

The National starting a war by just sittin' on steps. Jus' chillin', yesterday.

Yo I just stumbled across a video that I'd completely forgotten about. It's The National performing 'Start a War' around some banquetesque dinner table in someone's dark basement and it's just brilliant. 'Banquetesque dinner table' and 'dark basement' shouldn't really be used in the same sentence, I know. It doesn't even make damn sense. Yes, I'm aware of the term oxymoron smartass.

I really hate to do another National post, I really do. You gotta keep these blog things mixed up ya see - Keep 'em fresh. You can't go posting the same old bilge every week about the same stuff and not expect people to start sleepin' on ya. With all that said, this video really is great so I'm disregarding the whole start of this second paragraph and posting something about The National despite only reviewing 'High Violet' recently. Sleep all ya want suckers.

Also whilst I'm here, Ryan Adams. I use to dig him BIG style when he was all about writing a million songs a day that were actually good and being a bit unpredictable and drunk and roundly hated by anyone who wasn't one of his fan boy/girls but since then he's really fallen off. I'm talking since 'Cold Roses' here by the way (although I see the merit in saying 'since Heartbreaker'). Yesterday I was reading about (and heard, regrettably) some of his most recent release, 'Orion', and yes, it's space metal or whatever and yes, it's shit. I thought it was only fair to somehow inform his wife in a polite manner on twitter about this. See she was moaning about dropping a table on her big toe (fascinating tweet Mandy! 2m followers too. God.) so I replied:

Neither Mr or Mrs Adams has replied as of yet.

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