Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Arcade Fire: Too many members to split royalties between. Ask lead singer guy in the stetson, he was thinking about it as this photo was being taken.

I'm pretty sure Arcade Fire songs are always growers. I can't really remember to be honest. I mean when did 'Neon Bible' come out ? 2007? Long time ago now. Do you even remember 2007? A quick recap: Foot and mouth disease was doing its not-too-nice thang, Chris Benoit was putting his skills to use a bit too literally, Miranda Lambert was kicking everyone's ass with 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'. Back then, the Arcade Fire were a pretty big deal and man did they put on a good live show but that was then and this is now. Have this coterie still got it? I've listened to this song, 'The Suburbs', twice now and I'm, as the title would suggest, undecided. Picking splinters outta my ass from sittin' on this here fence etc. Can the AF put the game in the chokehold like they have done in the past? A headline appearance at Reading/Leeds (poor sods) awaits, and if they haven't won everyone back over by then, so probably do about 400 bottles of warm piss.

EDIT: Third listen. This is getting good now. The more familiar you get with it, the better it is. Bit like being held in captivity I suppose.

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