Saturday, 22 May 2010

Rapper, Meet Dinosaur.

"Yeah Kweli. I totally like hadn't noticed you mention your album. At all."

So Talib Kweli is a pretty good rapper. 'The Beautiful Struggle' had us all thinking he'd go blow up everywhere but then the following 'Eardrum' was a bit like a glass of squash with not enough cordial in it. i.e. a little weak. Since that record, I've kinda fallen off with him in truth until he came to my attention again recently. See, Talib has a new record out soon with Hi-Tek called 'Revolutions Per Minute' which is a follow up to a record the two worked in '02 called 'Train of Thought' and he has been tweeting about it constantly. Now, I understand this form of marketing, don't get me wrong. It's cheap, very quick and sort of direct in a really indirect way (because that makes sense), however, sending a tweet out a hundred times a day pretty much always saying: "got a new album out soon. buy it and all that." gets a bit, well, annoying. Seriously, if as a @RealTalibKweli followers, the first fifty tweets don't pique your interest well can see where I'm going here.

So, the other day (Wednesday if you must know) I sent the following tweet @ Talib:

Being British I am of course a fine purveyor of the lowest form of wit as you can see. In fact, I've got real issues with sarcasm that I wish I could address. I'm sarcastic all the time, to absolutely everyone. I'm even sarcastic to my cat and he doesn't even have a proper voice. Just a moan that sounds like an ultra slowed down sound effect of a motorbike passing. "Meeeeuuuuooowwwaahhh" - bit like that. So I sent the tweet out and then just sat around and watched paint dry for a couple of minutes until.... there you go BAM! Talib replied!

I mean, Jay once rhymed "Skills sold, I'd probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli" and here he was replying to me on twitter which is pretty cool. However, it would seem that rappers may have girls, cars and stacks but when it comes to sarcasm, those boys are more lost than an island full of black smoke and polar bear. Mo' sarcasm, mo' problems man.

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