Saturday, 10 April 2010

"Keep me in the loop."

"Do you smoke?"..."Yeah I do. I smoke seriously. I'm a serious smoker."

People say that a lot, don't they? "Keep me in the loop on that." Normally it's those lucky souls that spend the majority of their weeks in artificially lit offices severely lacking in upbeat demeanours and inspiration. I'm sure you'll know what I mean there. "Keep me in the loop on that printer cartridge situation man! That's some important shit." That kinda thing. I myself am rarely 'in the loop'. My most common response in professional circles being "Umm. What?" It's a wonder I don't work in McDonald's. If they let you put your own music on whilst you worked and said you could just not turn up for, let's say, 20% of your shifts I would you know. I really would. Careers are overrated. In fact, you often read about cars careering off the road and those stories never end well, do they? Example here over at the Daily Heil. Four houses! Madhouse!

I did have a point here, I promise. Being in the loop with your favourite artists latest moves. That was it. It's strange because there's a fair few people I have, at various times of my life, completely loved yet now I sit here not knowing what their past three albums have sounded like. It's a strange thing. Maybe there's a simple answer. Maybe it's time. You can only listen to so many things can't you? I mean, unless you're doing that 'Zaireeka' experiment and if you're doing that you definitely do a have a problem with old Father Time son. That being that you have FAR too much of it, of course. Tastes change too, obviously. 1. I don't obsess over Ryan Adams like I once did. 2. I don't actually mind capers anymore whereas there once was a time I would've willingly marched myself to Guantanamo Bay before I'd eat one of those salty wonders.

Why am I rambling on about all this anyway? Rufus Wainwright is why. I ordered his new record 'All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu.', yesterday and I'm really looking forward to getting back in to Rufus world as it's been far too long. I'm not too sure what happened or where because I listened to both parts of that 'Want' album into my ears damn near fell off as it was an absolute peach. Since then though, I just ain't been returning Rufus's calls. I can't put my finger on why but we've just grown apart. Apart and away from each other.

Maybe it was that Judy Garland thing he did. I mean, I intend no offense and I probably should be open minded but c'mone, wasn't that album just Rufus performing, well, like proper show tunes?! Are you serious man? *shudder*.. Show tunes are not my bag at all. To me, they were born and raised in the same crib as other not-so-favourites/music I utterly despise like 'wartime songs', 'carols', 'acid house' and 'Joss Stone'. I think that record put me off for a bit and during this time Rufus just slipped off my radar. However, I read a couple of reviews of 'All Days Are Nights...' and was instantly alerted when I saw that this album is just Rufus and piano with no show tunes or camp C3PO stuff in sight. This is just Rufus with a piano singing songs about the recent loss of his mother. Sad stuff for sure and I'm pleased he seems to be dealing with that pretty well now. I've got high hopes for this one and naturally, I'll let you good people know what it's like so you can all stick it on your long list of things to download. Go on, pencil it in nerds. Just below 'World of Warcraft update patch' but just above 'Red Dwarf Series 4'. What's the worst that could happen?

Listen to this song. This is something else.

"No matter how strong/I'm gonna take you down with one little stone..."

Naturally I couldn't talk about anything being in or out of the loop without mentioning the below a little. If you haven't seen 'In The Loop' you're probably one of those people that needed counselling after watching 'Avatar' as you thought the world in that film was 'perfect' and you got all depressed coming out of the cinema and back into real life. Real life where people like the cast of 'Jersey Shore' exist and where millions upon millions of people listen to Chris Moyles every morning and enjoy it. God, now I've written it out and read that in blue and white I feel kinda low. What's your counsellor's number?


  1. Management speak, business talk, office slang. Whatever you call it, it all equals the same thing, bile inducing nonsensical shit that makes you feel as if you're in your own cringe inducing situational comedy. Only it's not funny when you're experiencing it in real life. Any variant on the phrase "touch base" is the worst.

    There are a few issues in this post which brought up some contemplation from me about the nature of being a music fan. I guess it's natural that even though you have favourite artists that over time you fall out of "the loop" regarding new albums, tours whatever. For the most part an album that you love and play constantly soundtracks a period of your life and music never exists on its own, it's the meaning and memories you attach to it. Over time when so much change occurs throughout life it's natural to an extent to leave certain aspects behind, as you've alluded to there is a relationship between listener and artist and to continue the analogy sometimes you have fights, break up, get back together or just realise you're two different people now.

    I think a lot of us strive for that honeymoon period. Finding something new that fills you with a sense of excitement and promise. I guess that feeling is fewer and further between when you've been listening to music for a while. The Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca, Antlers - Hospice, The Hold Steady - Stay Positive (p.s. Check out Lifter Puller - Star Wars Hips) are the three most recent I can think of where I found a band I hadn't heard before and who gave me that feeling.

    Regarding Rufus, i feel the same in many respects. The show tunes are a bit much. (Note to Stephen Merritt: that goes for you too).The Opera and incessant media coverage also have placed him in him into that strange category of artists which get discussed at 40 something, upper middle class dinner parties.

    In the loop was pretty decent fare, I felt that it lost a lot of bite in that it didn't really go into any political depth but mostly relied upon Peter Capaldi's ownage putdowns. Which where pretty lol, albeit constant. I think Armando Ianucci has lost some of his satirical flair. (Coincidentally also writing an opera about plastic surgery) wtf?

    Looking forward to seeing Chris Morris' new film though. Should be goooood.

  2. I like your blog. I like 'dinner at eight'. I like your taste in music.. which is something I have an almighty tendency to judge people upon. You've got yourself a new follower.