Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sleeping With The E-nemy

Just wanted to get your attention with this elephant playing basketball.

I've done some writing for another blog. I know I know. Judas Iscarot etc etc. If you're really bored or you're in prison or something, check out OH YEAH ME TOO. I've just started writing for it and if you're as cynical, sarcastic and bitter as I am then the chances are that you'll enjoy it too.

My articles, if you must know, are 5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool This Summer and Five Institutions That Are More Awesome Than They Used To Be.

Also, can I just say that there probably was some cruelty involved in getting that elephant to play basketball up there. It's not the kind of sport I imagine they take to naturally. If you look at his face, though, he looks like he's loving it. Look a bit closer and you'll see it's a misplaced smile that hides a thousand secrets.

"Now if there's a smile on my face/it's only there tryin' ta fool the public."

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