Friday, 25 February 2011

Who doesn't need a doctor?

Real talk: Who would you most like to perform open heart surgery on you - Dr Dre, Dr Seuss or Dr Evil?

Dr Dre's second single 'I Need a Doctor' is his real comeback. It's not the first single to be taken from the long awaited 'Detox' but its definitely set to be the biggest. Firstly, it sees Dre reunited with his protege Eminem Secondly, there's actually been a bit of a build up for this one with snippets being leaked all over the internet forthe last couple of weeks and the video budget is pretty big. It's massive actually. Put it this way, it covers stacking a Ferrari, for starters. Still, there's a few things I was thinking whilst watching it for the first time and, as always, I thought I'd share them with you splendid bunch of halfwits and geniuses.

+ Dre's body is ridiculous. Just look at him. He looks like he's made out of lilos (if anyone knows the plural of lilo then let me know) for God's sake. In fact, I've got Dr Dre worked out here. Let's look at the facts - 'Straight Outta Compton' came out in '88. 'The Chronic' in '92. That's 23 and 18 years ago respectively. What I'm trying to say is, dude's old. In fact, Dre is 46. To that end, and being in the entertainment business and all, he's gotta try and look young, I get that. That body though. C'mon Andre. He's basically doing the body equilavent of that thing where you're talking to someone who's eating a plate of chips and you go "Woh! Look! a monster!" they turn around, and you steal a chip. It's called a distraction technique. If ya get big muscles people might not look at your old ass face. That sorta thing.

+ MTV often run 'Making The Video' programmes where they show you backstage and all that. These programmes don't even begin to convey how awkward I think making music videoes must actually be. Take 'I Need a Doctor' and in particular, the scene where Eminem is getting his first encounter with the comatose and broken Dre. He looks at him, is overtaken with emotion upon seeing his mentor in such a bad state and then spits his verse about saving Dre because Dre once saved him etc. What is this scene actually though, in real life? Well, really its Dre laying down in some warehouse studio, closing his eyes and then putting an oxygen mask on. Eminem then has to lip sync his verse and bust his hand movements out over Dre's horizontal (mammoth) frame. Pretty funny mental image. At some point someone then has to shout "CUT!" and they all just slunk off back to their Hollywood Hills mansions and prescription drugs addictions.

+ Respect to Dre for splicing the video with flashback shots and clips of his past. Particularly N.W.A. shots. Mainly because this song is a far, far cry from all that. In every way possible. Tone, years and let's be honest, basic quality.

+ Eminem with brown hair still looks wrong. You can't help but think you've caught him off guard when you see a picture of him with that sad little brunette buzz cut. It's like walking in on your dad putting his toupee on. Dad can say nothing. All he can do is look at you, his face racked with shame and disappointment. All you're left with is the thought that under that Elvis quiff of his, Daddy actually looks like a boiled egg.

+ 'irlm2414' on the YouTube comments of this video says " dont understand how people dislike it... the people who dislike it probably dont know about music or they not even fans of dre nd em,, well if ur not a fan dont come watch the video nd that way you dont loose loose your time." I don't know what any of that means.

It's good to have Dre back anyway. I'm not massively keen on this song, I must say. I quite like the female hook but other than that, nah. Eminem's and Dre's verses are exactly what you'd expect from them, regrettably. Yeah, you know what I'm saying, this plane is on auto-pilot, yet again.

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