Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Indie Rockers Can Swear Too - #3 - Elliott Smith

Face of a boxer, voice of an angel.

Three days into 'Indie Rockers...' now and we're yet to have a really sad one so, without any further ado, here's Elliott Smith. Don't look at me like that now. I mean, like I was ever going to write a succession of these posts without featuring him at least once, c'mon man.

3. Elliott Smith - I Didn't Understand

"Tonight, tomorrow and every day..."

This entry is inspired by an exchange I recently had on my Twitter about Elliott Smith and in particular this song. If you know the man's music fairly well, you'll know that I could've picked about ten songs of Elliott's for this list. Safe to say, he was down with a naughty word. 'I Didn't Understand' is a bit different to most simply because it just takes your breath away, away, away. It starts out a little like 'Because' by The Beatles (which Elliott once covered, incidentally) and ends up as the best acapella song you have, and ever will, hear. Not once do you notice the lack of instruments when there's so many angelic voices swirling around beneath that crushingly resigned and impossibly pretty lead vocal.

This is one of those songs that you absolutely cannot have on in the background - seriously, try it. Really all you can do is sit still and listen. Only when it is finished can you then get on with your little life and whatever you were doing. Just listen to the song, you'll see what I mean.

# of words - 3
Severity of words - The second worst one to youknowwhat x 2, an everyday one it is sort of okay for kids to use.
Manner of delivery - Sad but very listenable. Over and over again.

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