Wednesday, 21 October 2009

a Spotify Playlist!

Yeah, that's the title. Click to open dumbass. It's not got a theme or anything. Just good tunes I've been listening to recently on the wonderful Spotify that I thought I would share. I assume you are all in on spotify, if not....where have you been?! Get with the times Grandad! Did ya hear home taping is killing music? Did ya hear The Berlin wall came down? You old, man.

"An MMD Playlist?! Oh no they di'int!"

Be sure to check some of the stuff on the playlist out. Click the artist/album links if you feel like going positively insane. The Whiskeytown tune is taken from an essential collectors edition (such a thing actually exists, yes) of 'Strangers Almanac' which is definitely worth a listen, the Johnny Boy song would be in my top ten of the last decade (no, not just for the title) and Radiohead's 'Talk Show Host' contains the lines

"You want me/Fuckin' well come and find me/I'll be
waitin'/With a gun and a pack of Sandwiches"

Oof. Death by a .44 and a BLT. It's no way to go.
Nutin' but a Gallimimus thang baby..

By the way, When I say "...wonderful Spotify" up there I'm obviously skimming over the adverts and in particular that new advert I keep hearing for some new shit kids on the block emo band fronted by Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. No, I don't know what they're called. Life in The Shadows? An Internal Fire? From Dark, Comes Light? The New Shit Kids On The Block? Who cares. It'll be something like that won't it. And and...don't you even try and get me started on those voicemails people leave either. That guy that starts singing The Jam or whatever! God! That other one,"Spotify iz de bomb (welsh accent, not an arnie thing)" Shit!

So yeah, Spotify adverts are killing music.

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