Monday, 24 January 2011

Vampire, You Should've Come Over.

If I was dating Kirsten Stewart, the last thing I'd want would be to live forever.

I've spent the last hour or so just loitering around the internet like a pervert in a public toilet. You know how it is - clicking on ridiculous stories that you hope are true on reddit and reading about LOLS on wikipedia - things like that. At some point along this journey I stumbled across this story. For those that are too lazy to even click a damn link, it reads about how Robert Pattinson is "desperate" to play Jeff Buckley in a biopic of his life that is due to be made. It also has some made up vague words from 'sources' saying that Pattinson has asked to play the role. I don't know who these sources are but I'm guessing they're the same ones that comment on celebrity romances, football transfer rumours and WikiLeaks releases.

So, Robert Pattinson as Jeff Buckley. Can you even begin to imagine what that would do to teenage girls around the world? Sensitive tragic dreamboat musician + Sensitive tragic dreamboat vampire = the mass running of mascara and the lightening of parents wallets on a scale never before witnessed. I'm amazed it's taken them* this long to make a film like this in all honesty. I dare say that Jeff Buckley's seemingly endless 'vaults' will somehow provide yet another posthumous release to coincide with the film's launch. Either that or we'll get an album of Buckley covers from some of the music industry's leading lights. I don't know about you but I'd love to hear Ellie Goulding's spin on that "I heard there was a secret chord/that David played and it pleased the Lord..." song. I can't get enough of that one.

Jeff Buckley is known for many things. Drowning in a river, 'Grace' always being on sale, having a really cool Dad. It's amazing that all you hear about him comes off the back of a (admittedly fantastic) debut album and a tragically premature death. He might not have made many songs but the ones he did really were proper songs. It's only right that we honour his memory by having someone like Pattinson playing him in a film about his life.

*them being those dicks in Hollywood just trying to make money off of anything, all the time.

A goldfish could burp a cover of this song and I'd still like it. Yes I know it's not a Buckley original.

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