Monday, 1 November 2010

Time You Enjoy Wasting, Is Not Wasted.

Chuck Norris is also 70 this year. If alive, do you think Lennon would swop his musical career for Chuck's internet popularity in his latter years?

Miraculously the title is not another hammy line ripped from the delightful pages of Facebook Quotes that I linked to in my last post about 'The Social Network'. Oh no, that's a quote from Mr John Lennon right there. It really states the obvious too, doesn't it? Whether you've wasted time on something is entirely subjective as well. If you enjoy watching paint dry then you'd probably consider staring at a wall of wet paint for hours on end quite a worthwhile activity.

John Lennon was 70 this year of course. I've been listening to 'Plastic Ono Band' a whole lot in the car recently too. An album that really stands up regardless of Lennon's unmistakable celebrity and any bands he happened to be in before it was released, I'd hasten to add. It's a raw listen, it really is. I've always loved how the first thing you hear on this whole record aside from that funeral gong is Lennon's "Motherrrrrrrr...." which comes in a millisecond before any percussion does. Really sets the tone of that wonderfully helpless song beautifully.

In more important news, the Royal Mint are going to feature John Lennon of John Lennon Airport fame on a new commemorative £5 coin they are pressing. These coins are due to sell for £44.99 each. Now I like John as much as the next man but there's something wrong about handing over £45 and getting back a £5 coin in return. You could call the coin an investment but me being me, I just know that there'd be a time over the next couple of years where I'd have no change at the Petrol Station and that shiny coin would be used to buy a bottle of Lucozade, a pack of Monster Munch and a Sherbet Dib-Dab. I just know it.

This vocal on this song below just rips. Swear you can hear vocal chords shredding at some points.

"Innn the mornniinnnn', wannnnaaa dieeeee."

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