Monday, 8 February 2010

F.Stokes and Lazerbeak - The Death of a Handsome Bride

This is brilliant. Best hip hop album (okay it might be an EP) I've heard for an age. More importantly it's the best new hip hop album I've heard for a long time. After being severely let down by the big players in this game it's extra sweet to be this surprised by a guy crashing in from way out in left field. F.Stokes brings the rhymes, Lazerbeak the beats. Something about being better than the sum of their parts goes here.

He's from Chicago. So is Kanye. So is Lupe. He sounds a little like both of those guys in various ways, yeah. I can't really be bothered with lazy lines like that though so I'm cutting this one out short for once. If you believe in hip hop, go get this. Yeah I suppose you could get Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' instead. That's out this week here in the UK. I thought about getting it but then I remembered I'd rather sleep rough on a bed of used needles.

I've got that watch. I haven't got the tattoo or any musical ability.

Y'know what? Stokes says it best. He'll carry this thing like a hearse.

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