Friday, 17 July 2009


Yeah, so it's been a long time coming, I admit it. Some things you just know are going to happen. Me setting up a blog being one example. The marriage and the subsequent divorce, the football and the greenhouse. Just always going to happen. It seems that at some point or another, everyone finds themselves at the mercy of an unbearable desire to unleash a whole torrent of trash on the world via your very own personal blog and so here is mine. Hey internet? Consider some more of your bandwidth wasted. Sucker.

So...a new blog, a new start, a new me. It's like a new year, aside from the July thing. I always thought that January was for haters and losers either way. Whilst we are talking of new year, Imma hit you up with a great song about new year that ISN'T by Death Cab. Phew.

"You took your sweet time..." Yes I did The Walkmen but my blog is here now, dry your eyes.

The Walkmen - In The New Year

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